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Celloplast S.A.S. is specialised in the distribution of extruded plastic netting and trade products intended for the Gardening and Agriculture sector, especially Breeding, Market Gardening and Horticulture.

General data

In 2000, the Intermas Group acquired Celloplast located in Ballée (France), the leading company in distribution of products for gardening agriculture on the French market with a storage warehouse covering an area of 25 000 m².

Celloplast's company strategy is based on a sales/marketing vision which over time has enabled it to establish a solid position on the market due to its credibility with respect to its customers. Joining the Intermas Group simplified the development of extensive synergies, while also boosting the various sales areas in which the company operates.

Its experience and presence on the market for 30 years favour exchange of know-how at institutional level and have enabled the activity to expand to its current position.

The Garden activity has developed highly innovating products which have driven up sales in the shops. The company sales force is highly involved in advising the department managers and supports customers in their international development.

Through its Agricultural activity, Celloplast provides solutions in protection of crops and plants, breeding, market gardening and green spaces. Its product ranges are sold in partnership with its specialised distributors. Selling practical solutions allows farmers to save time, improve working comfort and the well-being of the animals and contributes to their profitability.



Presence and markets

13, Rue de la libération
53340 Val du Maine (Ballée)
TEL.+33 (0)2 43 64 14 14
FAX.+33 (0)2 43 98 49 97